Four charged as Sheriff’s UTV stolen, promptly recovered

According to the criminal complaint filed by the Kanabec County Attorney’s Office, the Kanabec County Sheriff’s Office became aware of a burglary of their storage shed near Quamba on Feb. 11. One of the items missing was a side-by-side or utility task vehicle (UTV) with the Sheriff’s Office logo on it. 

Deputies noted that an ATV was still in the shed and thought the burglars might return for it. 

That night, at approximately 1:30 a.m., a KCSO sergeant was finishing a security check of the area and saw two men walking toward him in the extreme cold. 

The men were Brian Michael Tollifson, 47, of Frederic, Wisconsin and Dennis Michael Kohl, 38, of Somerset, Wisconsin. 

The sergeant stopped them and asked them where they were going. They stated they were walking to meet a ride. 

Another deputy arrived and invited the men into the  squad car to warm up, but first asked them to leave any weapons outside before getting into the vehicle. Kohl possessed a pocket knife and a crowbar.  When asked the purpose of the crowbar, Kohl said it was for protection from bears. 

The men eventually obliged and went inside the squad. Meanwhile, the sergeant left and traced the men’s footsteps back to a home in Quamba where he spoke with Sandra Lynn Ignatius, 59, of Brook Park and George Anthony Johnson, 49, of Brook Park. 

After a conversation with Ignatius and Johnson, the sergeant left and began to look for UTV tracks which he found along the railroad. The tracks led to the UTV stored behind a vacant residence. 

Both Ignatius and Johnson were charged with one felony count of third-degree burglary and one gross misdemeanor count of fifth-degree drug possession. 

Both Tollifson and Kohl were charged with one felony count of third-degree burglary and one felony count of possession of burglary tools. 

Tollifson also had a warrant for his arrest from Wisconsin and received another felony charge as a fugitive from justice from another state. 

That’ll get you a few felonies

A Brook Park man racked up five felony charges with little more than two phone calls. 

According to the criminal complaint filed by the Kanabec County Attorney’s Office, Travis Wayne Kuehn, 25, of Brook Park called the Sheriff’s Office dispatch, identified himself, then allegedly threatened to kill:

1. the sheriff

2. a deputy

Then, Kuehn left a voicemail message with the County Attorney’s Office where he allegedly threatened

3. the Attorney’s Office staff

4. the judge

5. a state trooper

Kuehn was charged with five felony counts of threats of violence.

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