Mora High School

The current Mora High School

The Mora Public Schools bond referendum to build a new 7-12 high school passed Tuesday night. 

Unofficial results are: 

  • 2,040 “Yes” votes
  • 1,435 “No” votes

The election held Tuesday, May 12, showed significant voter turnout despite concern about holding an election during the coronavirus pandemic. More voters cast absentee ballots (over 2,000) than at the polling place.

The $61.9 million project will construct and equip a 152,000 square-foot addition at the Trailview campus. This addition will hold grades 7-12, and will be the final move in the district’s long-term plan of having a single campus for all students. 

Plans for the new high school will enter a design then bidding phase. Construction is expected to take place from June 2021 until May 2023. Classes will not take place in the new building until the 2023-2024 school year. 

The project also includes funds designated for demolition of the current high school. 

The estimated property tax impact over the course of the 20-year bond is $320/year for a residential home with a value of $125,000.

Approximately $17.9 million of the $61.9 million project will be paid by the state in what is called debt service equalization aid.

This was the seventh bond referendum attempt put before voters by Mora Public Schools since 2012.

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Dave Enyart

I am very happy for the Mora area community and especially happy for the kids.

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