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Shelves that normally hold toilet paper have been cleared by shoppers at Coborn's grocery store in Mora. A sign reads: "Please limit 2 so we can serve all of our neighbors and community during this time. We will continue to do our best to restock and replenish."

On March 13, as Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and the Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm announced community-level strategies to slow the spread of COVID-19, store shelves in Mora were getting hit hard for items like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. 

That day, Coborn’s President and CEO, Chris Coborn, announced that shoppers may see some product limits. 

Coborn released the following statement, “Over the last week, we have noted significant impacts to our available inventory on items that may be being sought out by consumers, specifically hand wipes, hand sanitizers, cleaning supplies, etc.  Unfortunately, due to the widespread fears, consumers have hit all retailers hard, and as a result, manufacturers are unable keep up with the demands.  Our inventories have been severely depleted.  However, we are continuing to work closely with our suppliers to ensure we replenish key items as quickly as they become available again.”

A large red banner at the Coborn’s online ordering website read: “Due to unprecedented demand, some items may not be in stock when we pick your order. We appreciate your understanding as this is a rapidly changing situation.”

While Coborn’s Mora store shelves were empty of toilet paper, shoppers flocked to Dollar General and Family Dollar where stockers were busy stocking shelves with their remaining product.

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