Tuesday, Aug. 11 was the last day to file as a candidate for seats on school boards, towns and townships in Kanabec County.

These are the local candidates who will be on the ballot in the 2020 general election on Nov. 3.

Kanabec County

County Commissioner District 2 (Elect 1)

Gene Anderson

County Commissioner District 4 (Elect 1)

Kathi Ellis

Rickey Mattson

Soil & Water Supervisor District 1 (Elect 1)

Kevin Belkholm

Soil & Water Supervisor District 2 (Elect 1)

Norma J. Heggernes

Jamie Hiestand Stevens

Soil & Water Supervisor District 3 (Elect 1)

Nancy Heins

Jon Sanford

Soil & Water Supervisor District 5 (Elect 1)

Kim Johnson

Comfort Township

Town Supervisor Seat 1 (Elect 1)

Bruce Anderson

Town Clerk (Elect 1)

Patricia Kruse

Ford Township

Town Supervisor Seat 2 (Elect 1)

(No candidates filed)

Town Clerk (Elect 1)

(No candidates filed)

Hillman Township

Town Supervisor Seat 2 (Elect 1)

Dereke D. Voge

Town Clerk (Elect 1)

Karen Felger

Kroschel Township

Town Supervisor Seat B (Elect 1)

Marvin Rostberg

Town Clerk (Elect 1)

Laura McCaughan


Council Member (Elect 3)

Jody Anderson

Sadie Broekemeier

Sam Pioske

Kyle Shepard


Mayor (Elect 1)

Mark Nilson

Council member (Elect 2)

Dave Leonhard

Kenneth Taylor


Mayor (Elect 1)

Timothy Bokovoy

Patricia “Tish” Carlson

Shawn Sullivan

Council Member (Elect 2)

Mollie Davis

Ryan Davis

Adam Joseph Gossel

Jeremy M Kunshier

Ethan Thomforde

Seth Zeltinger


Mayor (Elect 1)

Jeremy Miller

Council Member Seat 1 (Elect 1)

(No candidates filed)

Council Member Seat 2 (Elect 1)

Marcetta Squires


Mayor (Elect 1)

Terri Sanford

Council Member Seat 2 (Elect 1)

Derek Sanford

Council Member Seat 4 (Elect 1)

(No candidates filed)

Mora School Board

School Board Member ISD 332 (Elect 3)

Ethan Elvehjem

Deb Hallin

Matthew Heggernes

Dakota S Helmbrecht

Karen Kirschner

Scott A. Moe

David Vander Vegt

Braham School Board

School Board Member ISD 314 (Elect 4)

Jeffrey Campbell

Michael Doble

Angie Flowers

Kayla Hagfors

Catherine C. Kunshier

Melissa Lotz

David D Shockman

Mike Thompson

Brittany J Ward

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