Kanabec County Community Health is preparing to conduct case and contact investigations of Kanabec County residents confirmed to have COVID-19. 

The goal of this contact tracing is to limit the spread of infection within the community. 

The first laboratory confirmed case in Kanabec County occurred on May 1, 2020. As of May 12, 2020, Kanabec County has 10 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19. Age ranges of cases are 30-81. One person has been hospitalized. None of the infected have been a resident, staff member, or visiting service provider at congregate care facilities.

According to a release from Kanabec County Community Health, as access to testing expands, confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Kanabec County will increase.

Kanabec County Community Health, in cooperation with Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), will conduct case and contact investigations.

People in close contact with someone who is infected with a virus, such as COVID-19, are at higher risk of becoming infected themselves, and of potentially further infecting others. 

In addition to limiting transmission, case and contact investigation helps public health identify clusters of outbreaks and will help further the understanding of the COVID-19 virus.

How it works

An individual identified as having a laboratory confirmed case of COVID-19 will receive a phone call from one of the public health staff. During the interview, the public health staff will ask where they spend their time and who they have had close contact with. 

Those identified will be contacted by phone for symptomatic monitoring, and suggested MDH guidelines for self-quarantine and isolation.  

As these case and contact investigations begin it is especially important that those contacted answer/accept phone calls or return messages left by the public health staff. 

As public health staff increases its capacity to conduct all case investigations in Kanabec County, please note that MDH will also conduct some of the investigations.

Kanabec County Community Health staff will NOT be asking for your social security number, insurance information, credit card number, or other types of payments. 

Information gathered is confidential and the investigator must strictly follow HIPAA guidelines when performing case and contact investigations. 

More information

For the latest Kanabec County specific information about COVID-19, visit www.kanabeccounty.org/departments/coronavirus_resources.php or follow Kanabec County Community Health on Facebook: @KanabecCountyCommunityHealth


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