The Bakke family traveled to Nashville where they met Dave Ramsey and celebrated being debt free with the Debt Free Scream-a tradition of the Financial Peace organization.


Calvary Lutheran Church in Mora is offering its members a special opportunity to change their financial lives. Beginning in early January the church will be taking part in Financial Peace ChurchWide. Financial Peace University, a program developed by financial counselor, Dave Ramsey, gives participants a program to manage their finances based on biblical principles.

The program has four components: paying off debt, budgeting, long term investing and giving. The class is a nine week commitment where participants will watch a 45 minute to one hour video featuring Dave Ramsey or other financial planners and have a discussion afterward. It uses group accountability and baby steps to guide participants to success. Married couples must both commit to the program and singles choose an accountability partner. Being part of an FPU group means accountability to the process as well as encouragement and celebration when goals are achieved.

Financial Peace University was introduced to Mora eight years ago by Jodi and Nick Bakke when Nick was hired as a principal for Mora High School. The couple took part in the program early in their marriage, and it made a 

profound change in their financial lives. After moving to Mora they wanted to share FPU with their church, Calvary Lutheran, and since have held six more classes each at different churches over the years. Each group that the Bakke’s have facilitated have paid down between $3,000 and $6,000 of debt collectively by the end of the nine week class, and Jodi estimates that between 75 and 80 families in Mora have participated. 

Last year Pastor Dean Oelfke asked the Bakke’s to bring Financial Peace back to Calvary in a church-wide program. He and Jodi attended a two-day training conference to begin the planning and preparation for the event. 

When asked about the motivation behind offering FPU to the entire congregation, Jodi said there are three reasons. 

First, Calvary wants to reach out to its struggling families. 

Second, having all or most of the members of the church experience this program will give them a common framework to talk about money and finances within the church. 

And third, church ministries depend on member giving; programs are limited when giving is limited. 

“FPU is a long-term stewardship program,” Jodi said. “We want to help families take care of their own houses and get a handle on their finances so in a few years they can give more, do more and be more.”

Calvary is offering four class times each week: Tuesdays at 10 a.m. or 6:30 p.m. starting Jan. 7, 2020, Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. starting Jan. 8 or Sundays at 2 p.m. starting Jan. 12. The lessons each week will be the same at each session so if someone misses one meeting they can attend another that same week so as not to miss any topics. There is a $20 registration fee for the normally $99 class per household with limited childcare available. If you have questions call Jodi Bakke at 320-220-2181.

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Elna Birdsong

This fantastic opportunity given by the Calvary Lutheran Church is really helping me very well in increasing the financial state of my family. With the help of best writing service I was able to avail this fantastic opportunity. Financial Peace organization has changed my financial situation pretty well.

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