A grassroots group of Mora residents have organized an effort to construct a dog park somewhere in Mora. 

“We are just concerned citizens trying to build something good for the community,” said Carmen Finn, chairperson of the recently formed Friends of the Mora Dog Park.

The group first formed quite casually. Finn said she was browsing a community Facebook group when “some girl wrote, ‘I really want a dog park in Mora. Will somebody do something about that?’”

With knack for community action, Finn stepped up and approached the Mora Park Board with a simple question: what do we need to get this done?

The answer: money. 

In years past, the Mora Parks Board and Mora City Council have supported the idea of building and potentially maintaining a dog park if a community was willing to fundraise for it. 

Soon, Finn had gathered a group of approximately 20 community members to support and fundraise for the project. 

Already, they have gathered approximately $15,000 worth of pledges to support the project. Seeing their vision to completion will require more fundraising, approval by the Mora Park Board and approval by the Mora City Council. 

Finn said the group’s job is not to determine the exact design or location of their hopeful dog park —that she says will be left up to the city. 

Still, the Friends of the Mora Dog Park have some suggestions. One of the spaces the Friends group is suggesting for the dog park is city land located along the Mora Bike Trail, adjacent to the Kanabec History Center and Snake River. 

Another space considered in the past was between the Jaycee Ballfields and Oakwood Cemetery. 

Finn said a dog park would benefit the community in a number of ways including supporting the whole-health of both dogs and their people. 

“As dog owners, you want what is best for your pups. So having a place for them to socialize is great. From a human standpoint, it’s just another way for neighbors to get out and meet each other,” she said. 

Furthermore, Finn said having a well exercised, socialized dog can reduce other problem dog behavior such as excessive barking or aggression. 

For anyone interested in joining the group or contributing financially can join their Facebook Group@moradogpark or email Carmen Finn at seefinn@live.com.

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