The photo shows an aerial image taken in December 2019, 200 feet above ground level in a forested area of southeastern Minnesota. The cluster of red berries in the photo stands out from its surroundings. The photo taken from the camera attached to the UAV is geo-tagged with a GPS coordinate, making it easy to locate and treat or remove Oriental bittersweet. 


Noxious weeds, characterized by their aggressive behavior, continue to be an increasing problem throughout the United States. Early detection is critical in order to contain and/or eradicate an infestation. Ground-based surveys for weeds require time and money to cover a relatively small area. The data collected from ground-based surveys may only provide a limited amount of information regarding the extent and spread of any target weed. Remote sensing, using an unmanned aerial vehicle, can provide a more efficient method to map and monitor an area for noxious weeds.

UAVs cover a large area in a relatively short amount of time while providing high spatial resolution, which can allow for the detection of small objects including weeds. Due to weight constraints, UAVs use light-weight sensors and especially four- to six-band multispectral cameras to take images in the visible and the near infra-red.

Timing of aerial flights is one of the most critical factors for distinguishing characteristics of noxious weeds from surrounding cover. For example, an Oriental bittersweet survey is done best once leaves have fallen, snow has covered the ground, and the fruits are bright red. 

For more information about the collaborative work done by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) and the University of Minnesota (U of MN) to combat Oriental bittersweet using UAVs, visit the MDA website.

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