With a 90% affirmative vote from Energy Services Federal Credit Union (ESFCU) members, a partnership/merger between SPIRE and ESFCU became effective July 1, 2019. As a result of outstanding stewardship from the previous credit union managers, board of directors and supervisory committee, current ESFCU members will enjoy a special dividend payout with the completion of the merger. 

 Founded in 1933, ESFCU is a federally-chartered credit union with 1,400 members and $10plus million in assets, for Xcel Energy employees, their family members, and contractors of Xcel Energy. “To maintain and grow the long-term value of Energy Services Federal Credit Union membership, the leadership recognized the value of entering into a partnership with SPIRE,” says Darrell Ostendorf, ESFCU board chair. “This partnership is a win for everybody!”

 “We are excited to service the St. Cloud area and offer expanded products and locations to ESFCU members,” said Dan Stoltz, SPIRE president/CEO. “This partnership will bring countless opportunities to ESFCU members.” 

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Ralph Cox

I am glad to see that SPIRE and ESFCU have become a partner of each other. Click https://www.jesselanewellness.com/mind-spirit/guest-how-does-screen-time-affect-mental-health/ on article to have useful ideas. I am happy because they both were rivals now they have shaken their hand and will work for the people for better and will expand the energy power projects as well.

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