A core group of community members and Mora school staff toured other high schools, shopping for ideas and inspiration to influence what the new Mora High School may look like. 

These tours and conversations with engineers and architects will influence the basic design of the school which will be presented to the school board in August. 

After this design phase, blueprints and bid specifications will be created with construction expected to begin in May 2021. 

Construction of the new Mora High School addition at the Trailview campus is not expected to be finished until summer of 2023. 

The new high school will first hold classes in September 2023. 

Chris Ziemer, project director with ICS Consultants explained the entire process in detail (see a more detailed timeline “High School Build Timeline” at left).

“We’ve got a lot of work to do this summer, but it’s fun work,” he said, while expressing appreciation for those who volunteered to offer input. 

Low interest rates save taxpayer dollars

Greg Crowe from Ehlers, Inc., the school district’s municipal financial adviser, said he “felt like Santa Claus” on June 25 with a gift of good news to the Mora School Board: tax payers will be saving some significant cash.

Before the referendum vote, Crowe estimated the interest rate on bonds would have been 3.4%.

Interest rates are lower than initially anticipated and the school awarded the sale of bonds at an interest rate of 1.99%. 

Over the life of the 20-year bond, this will reduce payments made by approximately $10 million. Some of that is money the district would have received via state aid; the impact on district taxpayers is $5.5 million less than originally anticipated. 

This also gives the school district a $1.25 million of “cushion” in building project costs.

Taxpayers will begin making these payments for taxes payable in 2021.

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