Michelle Lee has formally announced  her campaign to represent District 11 in the Minnesota  Senate. The Moose Lake resident will seek the DFL endorsement at the district convention in March.

Lee told supporters and attendees of the HD-11A Homegrown Harvest Dinner Fundraiser as long as the Minnesota Senate is controlled by Republicans, access to quality healthcare, first class education and  training of our future workforce, the expansion of broadband and attention to the critical needs of our infrastructure in Greater Minnesota are in jeopardy.

The State DFL has identified SD-11 as part of its Red to Blue Campaign.

“Winning a DFL majority in the state senate is critical if we are to clear the Republican roadblock to passage of critical legislation designed to move Minnesotans and their families forward together regardless of our zip codes,” said Lee.

Lee noted that Senator Elizabeth Warren once said if you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re on the menu.

“With the election of a Republican in the March 2019  special election we not only lost our seat at the table, we lost our voice in St. Paul.”  Lee added during her announcement.

 Lee has been listening to the concerns of her neighbors in SD-11 and working to build the DFL base in the district for two years. A former television news anchor and reporter turned political activist, Lee will be a strong voice for those she seeks to represent.

“Our communities are more than a pitstop on the super highway to something better. We matter, our families matter and together we can make a difference,” Lee said.

Senate District 11 includes communities in Pine, Kanabec, Carlton and St. Louis Counties.  Lee  and her husband, Gary Kovanen are longtime residents of Moose Lake, Minnesota.

For additional information log on to Lee’s campaign website www.Michellelee.org

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