Many winter dishes are hearty, filling dishes that are perfect for a cold winter night. As we edge closer to spring, consider switching to lighter fare. 

Recipes like “Pasta Primavera” from “Seasoned America” (William Morrow and Company, Inc.) by Chef Paul Prudhomme can be brought out in spring and enjoyed throughout the warmer seasons. In Italian, “primavera” means “spring,” making this classic, vegetable-infused pasta dish a favorite this time of year. The vegetable inclusions below can be switched out for your own favorite produce as well.

Pasta Primavera

Makes about 8 cups

Seasoning Mix:

2 1⁄2  teaspoons dried sweet basil leaves

1 1⁄2  teaspoons salt

1 teaspoon dried thyme leaves

3⁄4  teaspoon white pepper

1⁄2  teaspoon garlic powder

1⁄2  teaspoon onion powder

2  teaspoons olive oil

1 cup thin strips prosciutto

2  cups cauliflower florets

2  cups sliced fresh mushrooms

1⁄2  cup sliced carrots (cut on the diagonal)

2  cups sliced zucchini

6  tablespoons unsalted butter

1  teaspoon minced fresh garlic

1 cup asparagus tips or 3⁄4 cups snow peas

1 cup chopped green onions

2  cups heavy cream

9  ounces of your favorite pasta


Combine the seasoning mix ingredients thoroughly in a small bowl. Set aside.

Heat olive oil in a 12-inch skillet over high heat. When oil is very hot, add the prosciutto, cauliflower, mushrooms, carrots, and zucchini. Add the butter and, as it melts, stir in the garlic and the seasoning mix. Stir in asparagus tips or snow peas and green onions. Stir well and cook just until the vegetables are crisp-tender, about 4 to 5 minutes. Stir in the cream and bring to a boil. Lower the heat to medium and cook until the sauce has thickened a bit, about 3 minutes.

Cook the pasta according to package directions; drain. Add the cooked pasta to the skillet, toss well and remove from the heat. Serve immediately.


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