A yellow-rumped warbler is one of the many species of warblers showing off their most  beautiful breeding colors through May. 


May is the best month for viewing the greatest numbers and varieties of colorful warblers in full breeding plumage. Look for roughly 20 species of warblers including:

American redstart

black-throated green

black-throated blue




Cape May


common yellowthroat




northern parula






Check out the DNR’s Songs of Spring video for information on 10 warblers to watch and listen for in Minnesota. 

Also adding to the beauty of the season are the sweet spring songs of American robins, red-winged blackbirds, house finches, tufted titmice, hermit thrush and eastern phoebe

Other stunning birds to watch for include Baltimore oriole, eastern bluebird, indigo bunting, rose-breasted grosbeak and scarlet tanager.

Set out jelly and nectar now

It’s time to set out your jelly and nectar feeders since Baltimore orioles and ruby-throated hummingbirds are beginning to arrive.

Please be sure to thoroughly clean your feeders before filling them, and try to hang them in shady areas. It is also important to clean your feeders every few days.

Another way to attract these beautiful birds is to plant native nectar-producing flowers and flowering vines and shrubs. Consider colorful options such as bee balm, butterfly milkweed, cardinal flower, great blue lobelia, honeysuckle, red columbine and wild blue phlox. 

So, when will they arrive? You can follow the migration of hummingbirds, orioles and other species at

Spring planting

Are you ready to plant your garden or spruce up your yard?  If so, consider plants that benefit birds. The Audubon Society makes it easy via their Native Plants Database. Just type in your email address and zip code and you’ll discover a wide array of flowers, shrubs and trees best suited for species of birds in your neck of the woods


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