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Jeff Krie

The Mora Aquatic Center opened for the season on Thursday, June 6 with a new manager. The city of Mora has added this new employee with an expanded role: coordinating the Aquatic Center and helping to manage recreation activities like event requests and use of public spaces.

Long-time Aquatic Center Manager Steve Froehlich stepped down from the position after 28 years, and on April 29 the city council approved the creation of a new Activities and Recreation Coordinator position. Staff recruited applicants for the position; eight applications were received, and three were interviewed by the hiring committee. On May 21 the Council approved the hire of Mora resident Jeffrey Krie, with a May 22 start date.

Krie will be a full-time, year-round employee, and his role expands the duties of the Aquatic Center Manager. The official job description includes planning, organizing, administering, directing and reviewing the overall operations dealing with activities, recreation and civic buildings within the city, as well as managing the Aquatic Center.

In a written statement City Administrator Lindy Crawford stated that these responsibilities were currently spread among several full-time staff members. Addition of the new coordinator, she wrote, will allow them to fully focus on essential position functions.

The new position is funded by budget transfers from four categories: City Hall, Aquatic Center, Streets and Parks. The Council amended the budget on April 29.

The next City Council meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m, Tuesday, June 18 at City Hall.

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