Residents of the Mora Public School District will soon have another decision to make as yet another bond referendum to replace the Mora High School is about to hit the ballot. Voting will take place Tuesday, Nov. 5. 

This will be the sixth referendum  relating to construction of new facilities put forward by the Mora Board of Education since 2012. 

The school board approved final bond amounts and ballot language during a special meeting Aug. 12. The board approved a resolution to call an election asking voters to approve or deny the issuance of school building bonds for a new high school facilities. 

A school bond referendum is for renovating, constructing and equipping school buildings. Like a loan on a car or mortgage on a house, the bonds need to be repaid over time plus interest. These bonds are repaid through property taxes of properties within the 332 school district.

The bonds are being asked for in two questions. The second question cannot pass unless the first question passes. In order to pass, a question must receive 50 percent plus one of the votes.

The Proposed Project

The Mora Elementary School sits at the Trailview campus and currently holds preschool through grade 6 students. The Mora High School holds students in grades 7-12.

The first ballot question asks for $19,335,000 in bonds for constructing an addition to the Trailview site suitable for holding students in grades 7-8. 

The second question asks for an additional $39,865,000 for construction of an addition for grades 9-12 and includes funds to cover the cost of demolishing the existing high school. 

The total of the proposed bonds is $59,200,000. 

Tax Impact

The annual tax impact these bonds would have for a residential, homesteaded property with an estimated market value of $150,000 would be:

$193 if question one passes

$387 if both questions pass


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