Ogilvie High School recently installed inspirational decals to help brighten students days and let them know in spite of their daily struggles, each student is appreciated and valued. 

These decals have been placed on the outside of the stalls in the boys and girls bathrooms where students are sure to notice, and include quotes such as “Stand up for what is right, even if you’re standing alone.”  

It began as a collaboration between high school Principal Sue Davis and Guidance Counselor Mari Ringness. While visiting Pine City, Mrs. Davis noticed they had these decals at their school. Around the same time Mrs. Ringness had come across similar decals online, and after speaking together, both thought it could be a fun way to let students know their emotional well being matters. 

“We hope to inspire the kids and uplift their day. We can all use positive messages, and we want them to know they are strong and resilient, as well as a reminder to be kind,” said Mrs. Ringness. 

Mrs. Davis met with Branch Manager Laurie Leciejewki, at Spire Credit Union in Ogilvie to see if they would be willing to fund the project. Spire donated all the monies needed to buy decals for every bathroom at the high school. 

Mrs. Ringness purchased them locally from Bethany Hauner out of Rush City, and Ogilvie students in art and OWN It volunteered their time to help do the decorating. 

Since returning from the holiday break, student response has been positive. 

“I think they are cool, I like them. They brighten up the bathrooms,” said junior Cassie DeVito. 

“I think it’s putting a positive aspect to your day,” said sophomore Michaela Hagen. 

Mrs. Ringness believes it encourages a positive attitude from the students, knowing the staff cares about them and wants to help make a difference in their day.

Art students have also been painting murals in the bathrooms and throughout the school. Mrs. Davis appreciates the students wanting to take ownership in making their school a warm, welcoming place for students, staff and visitors. Ogilvie staff continually strives to create a positive and caring environment in their school, and it’s working. 

Seventh-grader Thomas Stewart summed it up well by saying, “It lightens up the room and people’s day.”

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