Ogilvie streets

A Kanabec County road project would resurface portions of Rutherford Street and Hill Street in Ogilvie, realign the intersection of Rutherford Street and Highway 23 and end Church Street and North Hunter Ave with cul-de-sacs. 


Whether or not several Ogilvie  streets will be resurfaced in 2021 is dependent on state funding for the city’s wastewater treatment plant. 

Kanabec County Public Works Director Chad Gramentz presented the Ogilvie City Council with plans to resurface portions of County State Aid Highway 10 that runs through the city. The project would affect portions of Rutherford St., Hill Street, Church Street and North Hunter Ave. 

The project will resurface the roads; realign the intersection of Highway 23 and Rutherford Street; close Highway 23 access from Church Street and North Hunter Ave and instead end the streets with cul-de-sacs. The project will also resolve issues of standing water on Rutherford Street. What the project will accomplish is clear. 

When it will happen is a matter of funding. The County Highway Department will prepare the appropriate plans in order to accomplish the street project in 2021, but lack of funding may delay it. 

Water mains along Rutherford Street need replacement, and the street project would have to be completed at the same time as the water main replacement. 

Cost of replacing those water mains is estimated to be approximately $350,000-$400,000 and the city will need financial assistance from the state to accomplish that. 

However, the city of Ogilvie is simultaniously requesting significantly more financial support for upgrades and repairs to the city wastewater treatment plant. 

With their hand already out for water infrastructure grants to improve the WWTP, the Rutherford’s water mains and streets may be placed on the back burner.

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