Stephen Fischer of Fischer Brothers Waterslide Restoration works quickly with a fast-drying compound to patch portions of the waterslide. 


The city of Mora is taking the absence of pool patrons this summer as an opportunity to make repairs at the Mora Aquatic Center. 

“All of the projects we have completed, or will complete, this year were part of the 2020 budget and would have happened whether or not the pool was open or closed. With this year’s COVID-19 challenges leading to the pool closure, we have taken the summer to really focus on these improvements,” said Mora City Administrator Lindy Crawford. 

“We are excited for patrons to enjoy the improvements during next year’s swim season, and hope the community likes the refreshed look and feel of the MAC.”

Mora’s 2020 Capital Improvement Plan budgeted $95,000 for repair and maintenance at the pool. 

Restoration and repair of the waterslides and spray features were completed July 13 by Fischer Brothers Waterslide Restoration in Chippewa Falls at a cost of $83,400. 

Contractor Stephen Fischer reported that work for his company has increased just slightly this year as more pools are taking COVID-19 as an opportunity to make repairs. What is most different, is the time. Fischer said usually his business is rushed in the spring to make repairs before pools open. This year, there was much less of a rush. 

Other maintenance projects either completed or on the agenda for the year include:

 • repainting the building exterior

 • replacing concession stand doors

 • repainting interior of the kiddie/wading pool

 • replacing return flow grates on pools.

 • mechanical repairs

The waterslides have not been restored in this manner since their installation in 1999. Fresh gel coatings and repairs will improve the safety of the slides and enhance their appearance. Crawford estimates these repairs should extend the life of the slides another 20 years. 


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