County road resurfacing projects are projected to take place as planned this summer.  Kanabec County Public Works Director Chad Gramentz reported that state aid services, from MnDOT, the county needs to complete these projects is still being provided despite the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Much of the work to be performed can be done within the social distancing guidelines,” said Gramentz.  

Work on County Road 81 in the very northwest corner of the county will begin in mid to late May, while the rest of the road surfacing projects will begin in early June and are expected to be complete in mid to late July.  

KCP 19-04: on CR 47, from CSAH 4 to TH 65; milling, bituminous surfacing and aggregate shouldering

KCP 20-02: on CR 81, from Mille Lacs CR 131 to Aitkin County line; Partial grading, aggregate base, bituminous surfacing and aggregate shouldering

KCP 20-09: Aggregate surfacing for north and northwestern regions of Kanabec County

KCP 20-10: County-wide pavement striping

SAP 033-610-017: on CSAH 10, from City of Ogilvie then west 2.08 miles; Bituminous overlay and aggregate shouldering

SAP 033-610-018: on CSAH 10, from City of Ogilvie then south 2.85 miles; Milling, full-depth reclamation, bituminous overlay and aggregate shouldering

SAP 033-613-005: on CSAH 13, from the Mille Lacs County line to TH 23; Bituminous surfacing and aggregate shouldering

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