Displaying their fresh spray tans are (l-r) Kamdyn Frahm, Aftyn Iliff, Beautifully Bronzed owner Niki Roeschlein and Gabrielle Anderson.


The same year Niki Roeschlein, owner of Beautifully Bronzed spray tanning salon, decided to move her growing business out of her home and into a suite at the Mini Mall in downtown Mora, is the same year COVID-19 struck. 

Roeschlein said March is typically the start of her busy season, but March 2020 was disastrous to the budding business. She said about half of her business comes from clients who maintain a spray tan as part of their usual look, the same way one would keep up a hairstyle. The other half of her business comes from clients wanting to boost their looks for a special occasions. 

Roeschlein said lockdowns and pandemic safety measures meant the events that typically mean a boom in business for her were falling away like dominoes. As people canceled plans for spring break, summer travel, prom, high school graduations, bachelorette parties and weddings, they were also canceling their appointments with Roeschlein. 

“It was really hard,” she said. 

One year later, Roeschlein sees hope. Her calendar is feeling more full and she’s seeing new clients in addition to her regulars. 

“It’s nice that I’m seeing faces,” she said. “From last year to now, I feel blessed just to have people walking through the door.”

These days, Roeschlein is completing approximately 60-70 appointments each month. While business is picking up, she feels there’s still lots of room for growth. 

Passion for a safe glow

Roeschlein’s business was born of out an early love for feeling tan.

“Being tan makes me feel good. It’s a mood booster. It builds confidence,” she said. Like having a fresh haircut or getting hair dyed when gray hairs come in, “When the pale comes in, you want a tan.”

As a teen, Roeschlein often used tanning beds but stopped as she learned more about their potential to increase the risk of developing skin cancer. 

“I didn’t want to wreck my skin,” she said. She sought a safer way for herself and others to still get that fresh-tan feeling.  Roeschlein traveled to Georgia in February 2018 to train with Perfect Glow Products.

Roeschlein developed her business, starting small, with just a few appointments being done out of her home. As the business grew, she moved into a suite at the Mora Mini Mall in September, 2019. 

“I want to provide a safe option for tanning,” she said. “It’s my passion. I love it.”

For more information visit their website at www.beautifullybronzed.club

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