The Minnesota East Central Studebaker Drivers Club hosted their first car show at Novus Glass (the former Anderman Motor Company) on Saturday, July 17, 2021. The ECSDC began in February of 2017.

They planned on hosting a car show that was scheduled for 2020, which would have been the 25th anniversary of when the Anderman’s sold their business. But, because of COVID-19, it was canceled until this year.

Anderman Motor began business in the early 1940’s by founder Leo Anderman. He was only in business a short while when WWII called him. He closed during that time, but when he came home from service, he returned to Mora and opened his business at the 129 East Forest Avenue location. In 1950 he took on the Studebaker franchise.

In 1963, Anderman bought the building at 755 South Highway 65, which was a service station. A showroom, parts department and office were added to the front and the service department onto the back.

He then also took on International Harvester Case pickup trucks, and his sons, Jerry and Tom, became part of the ownership.

Anderman’s stayed with both the IHC and Studebaker until it ceased production in 1966. Tom Anderman was one of the charter members of the ECSDC. When the club began discussing having a car show, it felt the former Anderman Motor would be the perfect place to hold it. So, plans began with the blessing of the current owners, Novus Glass.

The show was a huge success with over 50 cars, of which 21 were Studebakers.

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