Tower Bar

Tower Bar and Grill profit, cash balance

The Tower Bar and Grill, the city of Ogilvie’s municipal liquor store, has operated at net losses in two of the last three years, prompting the city to host a public hearing to discuss the bar’s future. 

The Tower Bar has both on-sale and off-sale liquor and serves typical bar food since the installation of a kitchen summer of 2017. The kitchen was intended to bring in more customers and revenue. After some growing pains and transition to a new manager, the bar’s revenue’s have increased — but so has expense.

The Tower Bar brings in approximately half of the city’s total annual revenue, but also makes up half of its expenses. From January through August 2019, the bar had $423,630 in revenue and $422,714 in expenses for a net profit of $916.

Throughout 2019, whether or not the bar posted a profit or loss were 50/50 — four months showed losses, four showed profit. 

Minnesota law requires a city whose liquor store has experienced losses in any two years during the past three-year period to hold a public hearing on whether the city should continue to operate a municipal liquor store. 

According to the city of Ogilvie’s annual financial statements, operating income for the liquor store were:

2016 +$18,059

2017 -$67,097

2018 -$5,289

The Ogilvie City Council will call a public hearing on the issue at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 20th at the Ogilvie City Hall located at 102 Hill Ave. North, Ogilvie. 


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