To the editor:

In response to the alarming article you published by Nancy Heins all I can say is it is a bunch of nonsense. 

How can anyone believe the former administration was anything but a bizarre ego trip of a reality show? 

Her overlong list of concerns is very disturbing and not worth the space to reply to each one. She obviously has a problem with race and sexual orientation, reproduction rights,  any type of restriction of gun purchases, denial of climate change, unproven election fraud (every single case was thrown out) no regard for the repercussions of a pandemic, or protection of our capital from blind followers of “alternative facts.” 

Shame on you for using the sacrifice of our veterans to justify your misinformation.

Please Nancy, do read a variety of news sources and educate yourself to the mess that has to be cleaned up from the previous administration before America can be respected again by the world.   

Stephanie Stutz 


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