As kids, my friends and I joked Mora Lake should be called “The Mora Mud-Hole.”

At the time, we didn’t consider it to be much of a lake. There had been drought and the water was low and mucky. 

More recently the lake has been a bit more appealing, with nesting loons, folks going out on it for a kayak ride and enough walleye in it that people have even launched fishing boats to fish for them.  

We just hope it won’t get too high. Not again. 

It has been a year since last year’s down-pouring rain that flooded the lake to the point it covered Highway 65, cutting off traffic and damaging a number of lakeshore homes. 

Still wary of last year’s events, I sleep uneasily when it rains hard, wondering if it will happen again. I drive by every day and when the water level rises so does my blood pressure. 

The city of Mora is currently examining the local watersheds and exploring options for improving Mora Lake’s outflow pipe.

Those big changes are going to take time. The water on local lakes is high now; so knock on wood, cross your fingers, do Voodoo, kiss a lucky-rabbit’s foot or whatever good luck practice will help you feel better. 

If you personally want to invest in something more practical, consider planting a rain garden. 

A rain garden is a bowl-shaped garden in a low area filled with a selection of native plants. They are designed to collect rainwater and help it soak into the ground. 

Now, I know a rain garden isn’t going to protect us from another 100-year or 500-year flood. Still, they do help reduce the amount of water going into the storm water system. They also filter out sediment and pollutants and provides natural habitat for wildlife. 

Each effort we can put forward to manage stormwater and improve water quality is worthwhile. 

You can learn more about why and how to plant a rain garden at

Kirsten Faurie is the editor of the Kanabec County Times. She can be contacted at or by calling 320-225-5128. 


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