Several people in Braham have “Adopted a Street” and pray weekly for the families and individuals who live there. 

Once when I was parked alongside the street I have adopted (Central Drive) I noticed a lady on a bicycle as she passed by. As I watched her continue on down the street I had this thought: In the Bible there is the story of a woman who got up one morning…as usual, did her morning routine….as usual, and then later in the day she picked up her water jar and headed to Jacob’s Well….as usual. As she walked along the way she had no idea she was on her way to a most “unusual” encounter. She had no idea that through the centuries she would be known as “The Woman at the Well” in John’s Gospel. (John ch.4)

I prayed for the woman riding by on the bike that she would be on her way to the most unusual encounter of her life.

How about you? If you have come into a living relationship with the Living Savior you should be able to recall that moment when your “Usual” became “Unusual,” when your darkness was flooded with light, when your hopelessness became hopefulness. My moment came late one night when I was 19. Kneeling beside my bed in the little bedroom I rented from an elderly lady down in the cities I cried out to the God who had revealed Himself to me through the pages of the Bible and through the lives of some dynamic Christian young people. 

My prayer of surrender to the Lordship of Jesus included this addendum; “Lord I want it all. I want everything you have for me.” That was the beginning of my adventure. 

In answer to my prayer of faith, the Lord, the great orchestrator began opening and closing doors leading me through a life I would never have known without Him. Into my life came my wife Jan, then our four kids, amazing pastors and churches and Christian friends. 

Then when I was about 50 years old I had another “meeting at the well” experience as the Lord called me to take another step of faith in my adventure. The Lord closed the door on my very good secular job and opened the door to my heart’s desire…full time ministry. God by His mercy allowed me and several others to plant a baby church here in Braham called Friendship. My wife and I are no longer 19 year old kids but our desire for more of God’s adventure has not diminished. 

If you have never met the Jesus who rose from the dead and lives today, please seek Him with all your heart. Then have your eyes open and let anticipation fill your heart because God’s promise found in Jeremiah 29:13 is “You will seek me and you will find me, if you seek me with all your heart.”  Let the adventure begin.

Gary Shaw is the senior pastor at Friendship Assembly of God in Braham. Contact him at


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