To the editor, 

Wow, Terry! After reading your letter in the May 28 issue of the Kanabec County Times, it was plain for everyone to see that you are suffering with chronic Trump Derangement Syndrome, coupled with a total lack of understanding reality. 

For example, who determines which activities or jobs are essential in your world? Liquor stores are essential, but churches are not? Major retail outlets are essential, but small businesses are not? How will those of us, whose jobs or services are deemed unessential, function? How are we supposed to purchase goods and services we need without any income? Are we left to rely on the government? Where is the government getting its income? Isn’t it from the taxpayers? Or are you suggesting the government simply print more money to give to all us unessential citizens?

You mentioned “herd immunity” in your letter. Well, it seems to me that for herd immunity to be propagated, the “herd” has to be in contact with other “herd” members. Or am I missing something? It cannot be enhanced in any way by closing businesses that rely on social gatherings in some form. Also, how is herd immunity going to be possible with “social distancing,” and everybody wearing masks? And closing parks, and basically the outdoors to society seems equally foolish and counter productive.

In my humble opinion, your hatred for Trump, along with your love for Marxism, has warped your thought processes so deeply that you no longer have any grasp of reality, or common sense. I, for one, will pray for you that God will remove the scales from your eyes and allow you to see life more clearly.

Phil Halvorson


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Tom Peterson

Yes, Phil, you ARE missing something regarding herd immunity -- an important something.

For herd immunity to work, at least 70 percent of the population must be infected. Reopening too quickly would certainly get us closer to 70 percent -- and risk overwhelming health systems. Or you can try to control the pace.

You appear to favor the former.

Now, you can add me to your list of ad hominem attackees.

Tom Peterson

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