To the editor, 

With the ever increasing number of multiple (mass) shootings there comes the usual cry and demonstrations for more “Gun Control.” With the increasing number of traffic deaths why are we not demanding more “Car Control?” We already have more regulations and laws for firearms than we need and many are not enforced. The majority of the shootings are being committed by people with no criminal history and the weapons are being purchased legally. Is banning all firearms the answer? That won’t work because it would violate the constitution. Also, the criminal element will always have guns and we would only disarm the honest citizens.

Blaming guns for the increase in shootings is like blaming silverware for the increase in obesity and its associated health problems. Do we also need more knife and fork control laws?

When will society wake up and see the herd of elephants in the room? Behavior and moral responsibility are learned at a very young age and today’s youth are being taught by electronic media. Look at the games on the phones, computers, X-box, PS-2, etc. and the movies coming out of Hollywood. Everything is shooting and bombing. Killing and violence has become the accepted genre.

The entertainment industry has paid “experts” to say that there is no “proven” correlation between game violence and criminal behavior but we all know that statistics can be made to show anything we want. At the very least the constant association with the violence in these movies and games desensitizes the young mind to the seriousness and finality of death while promoting the idea that violence is an acceptable tool to get ahead and succeed in this world. 

The FCC used to be a watchdog for morality in the entertainment industry but today it is merely a toothless stuffed toy in the pocket of the game and movie makers. I am not a member of the NRA but at least one of their main functions is to teach and promote “safe and responsible” firearm usage. The FCC no longer does anything useful. 

The gun is but a symptom of the problem. The early childhood environment is the cause. 

David Barrows


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