To the editor, 

Campaigning this season has found a new low. Very few subjects have very little truth. One subject that has been in the news and in people’s mind is insulin, again with little truth, and leaving the population confused.

Research has found the scientific and chemical formula of economical insulin ($25.00) to be identical to other outlets that sell for $170-190.00 respectively.

A complete packet of these findings are available from the various candidates running for elective office. When they ask for your vote, ask them why this subject is not getting the publicity it deserves?

Ken Roseland

Moose Lake

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Madelyn Corwin

Sorry to post a second comment, but this post is just horrendous. No endocrinologist would put an insulin dependent patient (especially type 1) on $25 insulin by choice. It is nowhere near the insulin being used today. Canada, Mexico, Australia, all of Europe + MORE are using analogue insulins. It is the standard care for insulin dependent diabetes. The fact that we even have to explain this is sad. Especially in a country where healthcare is supposed to be "the best." I have had endocrinologists at 2 top hospitals in the country: the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic. I can personally message them and ask them if I should go on $25 insulin. They will be shocked and tell me the dangers of switching. Let me know if that is something you are interested in seeing.

Madelyn Corwin

This is completely false and I am not sure why someone would go out of their way to write this. I have type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease. I have been diabetic for 9 years and I will be diabetic until the day I die. $25 insulin is a much older formula of insulin that has found itself caught up in several lawsuits back in the 80s and 90s. It has also coined the term "dead-in-bed syndrome." $25 Walmart insulin can help some people with diabetes, but it is not a solution at all, especially for those with full insulin dependency like the 1.5 million Americans with type 1 diabetes. $25 Walmart insulin has killed many people with diabetes, most of them unaccounted for because their death is marked as seizures, hypoglycemia, or diabetic ketoacidosis instead of what really happened: $25 insulin. There is no research that can change these facts. I would like to see you or your child try to inject $25 insulin and see how long you would last. I can promise you it wouldn't be more than a few days.

Garrett Larson

This is wildly inaccurate. The $25 Walmart insulin is very different than the newer humalog/novalog insulin’s that are over $300 a vial list price.

The chemical composition is similar in that they are both insulin’s. But that’s where it ends. They behave differently in the body. And require the type 1 diabetic to behave very differently with regards to food and activity. The Walmart insulin is much less precise.

They are not the same product and to say they are is not only lying but dangerous.

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