To the editor, 

Portions of Kanabec and surrounding counties are part of the Not-Served-Nine-Percent of the state where access to high-speed internet is limited or non-existent. 

It’s tough to compete from the sidelines in a wired-world where information streaks along at gig-speeds while we struggle with patchwork technology to get what service we can. 

We can’t wait any longer for reliable, affordable high-speed broadband internet access - and it didn’t help that the broadband funding bill was vetoed last year. 

That’s all the more reason the legislature needs to adopt the House funding level, that incorporates the recommendation of Governor Walz’s and the MN Rural Broadband Coalition recommendation of $70 million over the next two years. 

We continue to work on more solutions to this issue. It is difficult to find providers willing to serve our area, but we need this funding source to continue the search. Please contact your legislators to support continued funding for rural broadband.

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