To the editor,

I have to strongly disagree with Mr. Kottke’s “Our ‘driver’ has it under control” letter to the editor. This kind of thinking really scares me and should scare everyone. To think that the maker has control over the planet is irresponsible and leads people to continue in reckless and destructive behavior.

Science teaches us that we contribute to greenhouse gases that are warming the planet. We can see that pollution of our water and oceans is real and a real harm to us all. It is up to us to make sure that we leave a planet for future generations to live on. If we believe that God or any other entity beyond human kind is in control, we are sentencing our children and grandchildren to harsher and harsher lives until the planet no longer is able to support human life.

I seem to recall from my youth that God made the planet for us to tend and care for. He also gave us free will. Wouldn’t that tell you that he intended for us to take care of the planet and if we destroy it, he isn’t going to do anything about it. Therefore, whether or not you believe in God, it is in everyone’s best interest to take care of this planet because there is no higher power, or “driver,” that is going to take over and fix what we break. So please, for your sake and everyone else’s, ask yourself what little things you can do to make a small dent in Global Climate Recovery.

If everyone chips in even just a little, we can really start to drive big change. The biggest thing everyone can do is change their attitudes toward the issue and realize that we are all in this mess together, and that there is no higher power that is going to come rescue us.

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