To the editor, 

This week, we enthusiastically welcomed students and staff back to school. It’s exciting to anticipate all the learning experiences our students will have in classrooms, and through our wide variety of arts, athletics and club offerings. I am thankful to be part of a passionate team that I call the Mora High School Family. Our relationship with this wonderful community creates that strong village needed to raise children.

We are dedicated to working with all of our students to make sure they receive the high-quality education we are known for. But I share the concerns of many of our teachers. Mora’s 7-12th graders are coming back from summer break to an outdated building that poses many educational limitations and health and safety challenges.

That’s why in August, the Mora School Board voted to approve a referendum that gives voters choices about investing in Mora’s schools. On Nov. 5, the residents of Mora will decide whether to build a new school for all of our 7-12th graders, a smaller wing for only 7-8th graders, or to make no new investments in our schools.

The proposed plan to construct a new high school supports better vocational training and science, technology, engineering and math curriculum, including fully-functioning science lab equipment and proper workstations for career pathways like welding, automotives, construction trades, computer science and agriculture. Additionally, the plan would expand arts programming, improve classroom technology, enhance partnerships like we have with Pine Technical and Community College and provide more flexible spaces for students to collaborate as they learn.

The plan would also alleviate costly repair issues at our current 83-year-old building that are simply bigger than our budget. Some have suggested that these issues were caused by lack of maintenance. But, the fact is that we have prioritized our maintenance projects in our building as our budget would allow over the years. After decades of use, many of the issues in our aging building simply cannot be addressed without additional money.

We have created a website dedicated to providing the facts voters need to make an informed decision about this fall’s referendum. I encourage you to visit for more information about our district’s facilities needs, the proposed plan, tax impact and voting information. This is an important decision for the Mora community.

If you have questions or want to share your thoughts, please reach out to me at or 320-679-6200.

Go Mustangs!

Brent Nelson, Principal

Mora High School


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