To the editor, 

Words can surface and point to the right direction. Father James Altman is one such thinker, he stated “(a person) cannot be Catholic and a Democrat.” Being a conservative person and living in the United States, one must stand for a completely free system of thinking, that is founded in the Constitution of the United States, (freedom); and not in the shadow government being created by the likes of Soros and the four women that operate BLM, the organization; in their efforts to radically change America. 

Their opinions are too far afield, and we must vote legally and believe it is our right to do so. We must be aware of the “Trojan horse” that Biden is.

Already, at the urging of Black Lives Matter, the organization; antifa-affiliated groups, and other organizations funded to the tune of millions by Soros and the socialists with Chinese Communist Party; more than a dozen major U.S. cities are moving to defund, or as Biden said, re-direct funds to eradicate police departments. We, in small towns U.S.A., cannot sit on our hands and compromise with the CCP and the radicals who hate our American way of life ..Freedom! So what can be done? Stay locked in homes?

The answer to that question is not as hard as it may seem amidst the clutter and fog of bogus media narratives as the letters to the editor by Johnson (Kanabec Times) and Loing (Union-Times). The subjects appear not the same, but they are; they appear to come from the same mindset. That mindset is wrote by “left of center” writers in my opinion. 

It is a measure of how frightfully irrational our times are that the ‘defund the police’ and stop the support of Saudi Arabia campaigns are led by Democrats and Black Lives Matter, the org. activists. We let it moved into the mainstream... we closed our eyes to our thinking and heard the words of the left, we made an error in judgment. But we have time to correct it; though it is fashionable to speak of the United States, police departments and the criminal justice system as “institutionally racist,” let me tell you this: The United States, and our way of life is the best in the world and better under President Donald J. Trump. 

The president talks directly to us as president which is good for America. For those who don’t know, I am a true American Africano Conservative and, as such, I have unique perspective. Whites voted in 2008 and 2012 for a person, they said at the time, was “Black.” But, in 2020 the left thinkers are saying my country is “institutionally racist?” That is “B!” The U.S.A. has a 97% good race relationship policy. We get along. Respect is done all the time toward each other. Period. 

Biden’s re-direction of police funds, “you are not black if you don’t vote for me” comments have an impact on the minority community and the greatest irony of all...We are all minorities now. 

Don’t delude yourself. Your children and grandchildren will not be safe in a Biden administration and there is only one way to stop the insanity the phenomenon no one sensible ever wanted to see again: the one where the criminals are back on the street making mayhem. Vote Trump. 

C. Strickland, Jr.


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