To the editor, 

Last Tuesday, Sept. 24 my wife and I attended the ribbon cutting ceremony at the dedication and naming  of the clinic and hospital, Welia Health Center. We thought back to 1967, the year we moved to Mora. At that time there was no health clinic, there were four to six doctors all having their own office. Two doctors got together and opened a “clinic” where the senior center is now. Two doctors opened an office where the former Gene’s Studio was located. Then they merged and formed the medical clinic where St. Clare’s is now located. The final upgrade was to the present location with the hospital.

These upgrades have improved the lives of all us citizens, especially we seniors. Several senior apartment complexes have been built since 1967 such as Park Forest, Eastwood complex, Pine Crest and Woodcrest. All these facilities are used by us seniors, especially the medical clinic. Back when the first clinic on 7th St. was built, when we went to the clinic for a doctor’s appointment, we checked in, the staff had to find the folder, you sat down and waited. Seldom was the appointment on time, and often the doctor was called away for an emergency at the hospital. Now everything is new, new building, new equipment, more efficient, many more doctors and specialists and above all, the appointments are on time.

We seniors have benefited by all the new medical building, technology, new equipment and many more doctors and specialists. Isn’t it about time that we also support the young people in our community? Let’s give them a new school. It does no good to repair when it can’t be done to modern standards. It’s like putting new technology that is in new autos and transfering it to a 20 year old auto. It can’t be done.

My wife and I are for the new school for the simple reason that it will be new and up to date. Everyone can be proud of it. Let’s not be greedy. We are all “family.” Share what we have with the young people of our community and vote for the new school.

Bob and Sharon Mork       




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