To the editor, 

I cringed when I read a previous editorial on our “soaring economy.”  

Here’s another take on it: The economy must not be a facade for a president and senate who abort American ideals and Constitutional foundation.  

Our economy is comfortable, but the end doesn’t justify the means.  There are many other critical points and measurements that reflect the health of our nation, and we are suffering in many areas.  

Supporting one person because he’s your party or stands for one point you believe in while being unaware of or condoning everything else he/she does that undermines American institution is inexcusable.  

That’s what the impeachment inquiry is about.  And being astute to what’s going on in our country, regardless of how much effort it takes and how uncomfortable it is, allows us to make and support Constitutional- and American-based decisions and candidates. At times like this, being “political” is critical.

So many of us have served in the military to do our part to ensure that the America our forefathers created to prevent tyranny and that we fought to maintain for over 200 years is upheld, honored and respected both at home and abroad.  

Watching one man’s renegade, self-proclaimed-genius behavior while eschewing his key advisors, acting contrary to even many Senate Republicans, cajoling and befriending our fiercest enemy leaders while dismissing allies, and going off on his own to run our military and our country violates the Constitutional principle of counsel and divided powers and is frightening for our future.  

As our nation’s “leader,” this president’s conduct is reprehensible.  

Sadly, the Republicans fear removal by their constituents if they stand on Constitutional, let alone moral ground, so they regrettably and cowardly defer. 

Regarding the point that the Democrats are doing nothing but impeachment, the Democrats have indeed been fruitful in their bill writing before and during the impeachment inquiry. As I understand, they have passed over 500 bills and sent to Senate for vote.  

Sadly, it’s the Senate leader, Mitch McConnell, who has denied the betterment of American lives and has drawered most of the bills.  Even several Republicans have voiced their frustration about the Mitchfiliabuster. Some of these bills in the long list address such issues as lower medicine prices, pre-conditions, veterans’ care, infrastructure and currently protection against election tampering from other countries. 

It’s all in the news, online, in books…the news sources aren’t the enemy within. They simply report what’s happening.  Like it or not.

While the Democrats are producing over 500 bills, we’re waiting on Mitch.

Jeff Bracken


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