The strangest thing happened in the July 31 edition of the Kanabec County Times. A citizen wrote a letter to the editor. Then the paper wrote a rebuttal attempting to disprove the points made in the editorial. 

The newspaper was biased on the opposite side of the school issue.

These are indeed strange times. We live in a country where we expect fair treatment from our institutions. We expect our police to arrest only the criminals, not innocent citizens. We expect schools to teach students to respect our flag and to love our country. That’s patriotism. We expect citizens to respect and reinforce our veterans, our peace officers and our first responders. We expect our constitution to be obeyed. We expect young people to come out of our schools with respect for our elders and have a sense of fair play.

Aren’t these things the basis for a strong community, for a strong U.S.A.? My parents passed on these qualities to me, and I’ve lived my life by them. Love of country, hard work, sense of fair play and rugged individualism is what made this country what it is. I don’t care what you see on the news, fake or otherwise. 

This is the small, Swedish, Minnesota town of Mora. We are better than that. Those who lead our institutions need to set an example of fairness, not trample over others who are exercising their right to free speech. This is guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.

Our institutions are our guides. They stay above the turmoil and don’t take sides. The voting public should be free to make up their own minds. It’s like law enforcement; they are there to proctect us but leave us free to lead our lives. 

The newspaper is a public institution that should remain neutral during a community debate. If our institutions let us down, then we lose trust in them. Anyone know the trust level of the U.S. Congress? What is our trust level for the modern media?

Who do we really trust? Our congressman? Our governor? Our school board member? The editor of the Kanabec County Times? Are the people we blindly trust letting us down? It’s a strange question, but we live in strange times. The truth must set us free.

Marie V. Molumby


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