To the editor, 

I believe it is way over due to enact a three strike law after reading the article about the guy who was killed near Hinckley by an officer. The guy had five previous felonies. Why was he out of prison already? Liberal judges? Something in the system is too liberal? Carjacking reports in the metro area are increasing. Robberies, arson, rioting, murder, rapes, kidnappings, etc. are in the news daily. I believe we need to crack down on crime before we turn into another San Francisco or Seattle or Portland. 

As long as I am on a roll, as people are becoming more ecologically aware, lets ban the plastic bottles and aluminum cans altogether. Years ago we had returnable soda, beer and milk bottles etc. It is harsh and the costs would go up because stores and distributors would have to hire additional staff to handle, pick up, sort etc. But people would complain.

Ban the plastic bags, put our renewable resource wood industry back to work. But people would complain.

Driving to protest oil and gas line in a gas or diesel vehicle?  Seems hypocritical doesn’t it? Complaining about mining needed minerals when using them in our computers, phones and cars? But people would complain.

Come on people, lets complain some more but keep doing as I say not as I do.

John Sanford


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