To the editor, 

November is election month. This November our school board is planning to present another school referendum, again asking you for another tax increase. I encourage you to vote no to both options – and save our high school the way we saved our historic Kanabec County Courthouse 21 years ago.

The Mora School District No. 332 will be asking for a tax increase to fund (1) an additional building for grades seven and eight at a cost of $19,860,000; and (2) an additional building for grades nine-12, to include administration space at a cost of $40,001,859. This adds up to a grand total of $59,861,559. If only one of these options passes, this school board and administration will be back asking for more money to complete their real goal: All new buildings at the Trailview location in one or two years. 

This school board is hoping that at least one or both of these questions will get approval, because some voters will think that they have only two choices, not the third choice which is to reject both choices: No times two.

The current high school building has served our students and community well for the past eight years, since the first referendum on 2012. By voting no to both of these tax increase options our community can get together and repair, renovate and renew our wonderful high school for far less than $9,000,000 (eliminating expensive consultant and management companies). Let’s spend money on education, not buildings. 

Gerald McCabe


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