State of Minnesota

County of Kanabec

Office of the County Coordinator

Synopsis of the County Board Minutes of 3/3/20 in pursuance of M.S.375.12 Subd.1.

1. The Kanabec County Board of Commissioners met at 9 a.m. on 3/3/20 pursuant to adjournment with the following Board Members present: Gene Anderson, Kathi Ellis, Dennis McNally, Craig Smith, and Les Nielsen.

2. Carried unanimously to approve the agenda as presented.

3. Carried unanimously to approve the 2/18/20 minutes as corrected.

4. Carried unanimously to approve the following paid claims:

Vendor                                                            Amount

City of Mora                                                    27,655.00

Health Partners                                                 6,088.87

MNPEIP                                                         148,472.12

Mora Municipal Utilities                                     13,342.88

Sun Life Financial                                               3,926.52

8 claims < $2000 were paid from the Revenue Fund   8,036.37


5. Carried unanimously to recess the board meeting at 9:05 a.m. to a time immediately following the Public Health Board.

6. Carried unanimously to approve the Public Health Agenda as presented.

7. Carried unanimously to proclaim the week of 4/6 as National Public Health Week.

8. Carried unanimously to approve Kathy Burski to participate in NACO High Performance Leadership Academy.

9. Carried unanimously to approve the MN Dept of Health’s approach to Public Health Emergency Preparedness for the 2020-21 budget period.

10. Carried unanimously to approve applying for Dementia Grant Funds.

11. Carried unanimously to approve the payment of 76 claims totaling $52,347.35 on Community Health Funds.

12. Carried unanimously to adjourn Public Health Board at 9:21 a.m.

13. Carried unanimously to approve the following claims on the funds indicated:

                                         Revenue Fund

Vendor                                                                     Amount

Anne Carlson Law Office                                            3,298.00

Eric Hanson Consulting                                              7,700.00

IT SAVVY                                                                  3,484.42

Summit Food Svc Mgmt                                             15,719.36

68 claims < $2000 were paid from the Revenue Fund   26,266.52


                                               Road & Bridge 

Vendor                                                                       Amount

Granite Electronics                                                      2,582.00

15 claims < $2000 were paid from the R&B Fund           4,995.32


14. Carried unanimously to approve the Application to Conduct Excluded Bingo for Ann Lake Watershed Alliance for two bingo events to be held at Firepit Bar & Grill 4/4/20 & 11/21/20.

15. Carried unanimously to approve a special tax levy for the benefit of the Kanabec Co Historical Society and calling an election thereon.

16. Carried unanimously to approve the final plat of the ‘Huth Shores’ property as presented.

17. Carried unanimously to provide up to $5,000 from SCORE Funds to help fund the County Clean-Up Day on 5/16/20.

9:37 a.m. – The Chairperson recessed the meeting to move to the basement. 

9:49 a.m. – The Board reconvened.

18. Carried unanimously to accept the bid of $344,121.75 from Bjorklund Co. for aggregate surfacing.

19. Carried unanimously to accept the bid of $151,038.92 from Traffic Marking Svcs for traffic markings.

20. Carried unanimously to hire four full-time seasonal workers for the 2020 season.

21. Carried unanimously to approve the purchase of two 2020 RAM 1500 trucks for $48,760.

10:00 a.m. – The Chairperson called for public comment. Those that responded regarding the proposed 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County Resolution included the following: Jan Schmidt, Gary Thompson, Clayton Berg, Jack Doughty, Sarah Toufal, Jasper Cabe, Jean McGrew, John Fridstrom, Barb Schroeder, Dale Roeschlein, Mary Doughty, Denise from Mora, Peggy Carlson, Dan Michael, Lowell Rogers, Valerie Raivo, Carl Buchanan, Linda Kubat, Greg Wahlstrom, Dave Isaac, Paula Vanecek, Kari Holland, Don McIalwain, Jim Evenson, Chris Gmahl, Nancy Heins, Dan Schmoll, John Perry, Kaydin Carroll, Dale Gagner, Dan Matuska, Chuck Wiberg, Kenny Stumpf, Dan Porter, Stan Goebel, Brian Smith, Victor Vanecek, Sue Beckman, Barbara McFadden

11:18 a.m. – The Chairperson closed public comment.

22. McNally introduced a resolution to declare Kanabec Co a “Second Amendment Dedicated County”. Smith seconded and upon a roll call vote being taken, the following voted: IN FAVOR: Nielsen, McNally, Smith, Anderson. OPPOSED: Ellis. Whereupon the resolution was passed.

23. Carried unanimously to adjourn at 11:43 a.m.

For further information please contact the Kanabec County Coordinator’s Office at 679-6440 or see our website at

Published in the Kanabec County Times March 26, 2020


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