Maddie Chidester, Senior, Ogilvie Girls Basketball

What position do you play?: I am a senior, a team captain and I am a shooting guard.

Favorite thing about sports: Being able to be with a team, they are like family, and being able to play the sport I love.

What other sports or activities are you involved in?: Softball, OwnIt, year book, student council, National Honor Society and my youth group at church.

Person who has influenced you: Coach Nelson. My family is not really big on sports but my older brother would practice with me and believed in me.

How do you prepare for a game?: I talk with my teammates, listen to music and focus on the game not what’s outside the game.

Highlight of athletic career: Beating Mora last year. It was a great win for the team and we will definitely look back at that.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to come out to play basketball?: It is definitely a team sport. Having other girls by your side is good. If you love the sport, get out and play, it will make you happy.

Future goals: Attend a junior college then a four year college to play basketball and study athletic administration and sports management.

From the Coach: Maddie has a special place in my heart. She came from Mora; she is really invested in our program and wants to be a Lion. She always wants to get better, she scored 26 points against Isle recently. That is a career record for her. She always asks to open the gym early to get in extra practice. She is a lot like me as she wanted to prove herself to the coaches and teammates, and she has taken it to the next level as a senior and as a leader. She is a great mentor to her team.” — Jonathan Nelson

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