Jacksen Pettit, Ogilvie baseball senior

Pitcher and second base

Tell us about the sports and activities you are involved in: I play baseball and football.

What is your favorite thing about being involved in sports?: Being able to play.

Tell us about a person who has influenced you: My coaches and teammates for helping with my training, my parents for all their support through high school and my grandparents for being my biggest fans.

What is the highlight of your athletic career?: I hit a home run on May 15, 2018 playing on varsity.

With spring practices and games suspended, how are you staying active?: Weightlifting, bummed I didn’t get to play my senior year of baseball.

What are some of your goals for the future?: To hopefully play some summer and or college baseball. 

From the Coach Benji Besser: Jacksen Pettit has been a varsity starter since eighth grade. His love for the sport of baseball is unrivaled and has been since he was in elementary. Jacksen brings passion and work ethic to practice everyday and takes coaching better than most. He may not be the most vocal leader, but his attention to detail is obvious when he has led the Ogilvie Lions in batting average as a sophomore and a junior. Unfortunately we aren’t going to see his attempt at a three-peat batting title or what he could’ve done as an every day starting pitcher, but since I’ve taken over as a coach, Jacksen has been the most consistent player I’ve had and one of the most dedicated to his team and his play. He has been with me every year as a head coach.  I will truly miss what Jacksen brought to our team, and I want to thank Jacksen for helping me as a coach and always striving to do his best. 

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