Jasmyn Sibell, junior, Mora, Cambridge-Isanti-Mora, girls hockey

What position do you play? I am an assistant captain and I play defense.

Favorite thing about sports: My favorite thing is the rush of excitement when the team or myself scores and hearing all the cheers from the crowd, and all the friendships that I gained throughout the years. I also love the positive atmosphere. 

What other sports or activities are you involved in? Golf and choir.

Person who has influenced you: My dad has been the biggest influence on me for pushing me past my comfort zone when I was younger and shaping me into the player I am today. 

How do you prepare for a game? I just listen to my music to get focused and try to get myself in the mindset of hockey and what I need to do. 

Highlight of athletic career: Making it to state in golf last year, and going to State with hockey a few years ago.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to come out to play hockey? Just go for it. Your teammates are aways there for you and they become like family.

Future goals: I would like to attend college to possibly become a dental hygienist and continue to play both golf and hockey.

From the Coach-Jenn Schulz: Jasmyn is the most level headed player. She is the change you  want to see in a team. That is where it all starts. She takes the youngest players under her wing and does it without being asked. She’s a class act leader and keeps a cool head all the time.

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