Brianna McKinnon, Sophomore, Mora

What races do you run? I have been running cross country for four years, I run the junior varsity 5K.

Favorite thing about sports: I like the people, getting to know everybody and the weird random conversations you end up having and I like the feeling of accomplishment you get.

What other sports or activities are you involved in? I am into Nordic Skiing, spring play, fall play and 4-H club work.

Person who has influenced you: I bounce off all my teammates and coaches and I have a cousin Sadie Peterson who was in cross country and she was so good and I try to live up to her. I get excited to do as well as her. My family is very encouraging.

How do you prepare for a meet? I sleep well, eat good before like pasta, and I pet dogs that come out to watch for good luck.

Highlight of athletic career: These last couple of meets I have gotten a lot faster, I am doing the 5K in 25 minutes. I made the top nine girls, that’s a huge improvement and I am the top junior varsity, that’s really cool.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to come out for cross country? They should definitely try it, even if you are slow, there are people to match your speed and you will get better. You will have a lot of fun and be prepared for random, weird conversations.

Future goals: I would like to get into varsity and run in the Swain meet in Duluth, break 25 minutes in the 5K, go to college for maybe creative writing or psychology, run for fun and have good memories. 

From the Coach: “Brianna is an unbelievable hard worker. She has set personal goals for herself and pushes herself every workout to reach those goals. Because of her work, she has set many personal bests this season. Brianna is also a tremendous person. She is respectful and kind to all her teammates. Every day she comes to practice with a positive attitude and takes pride in being a great role model. We are very proud of Brianna and appreciate everything she brings to the cross country program.” - Head Coach Chris Goebel

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