Tucker Hass, freshman-Mora Wrestling

What weight do you wrestle at? I am a freshman and I wrestle at 138 - 145 pounds class.

Favorite thing about sports: What you learn from it, builds character and I like the competition.

What other sports or activities are you involved in? Football, weight lifting, fishing, hunting and confirmation at church.

Person who has influenced you: There have been so many but my uncle, Donnie O’bert has kind of been like my second dad. He has always been there to support me. He got me into wrestling and sports.

How do you prepare for a match? Get prepared mentally by listening to music and think about what you are going to do. Have a plan.

Highlight of athletic career: Going to state last year as a team and as an individual.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to come out to wrestle? Keep working hard and just when you feel like you want to quit, keep going, never give up.

Future goals: Stay successful in sports, make it to college to play sports and study something. I have no idea yet what that will be. 

From the Coach: “Tucker is both an outstanding student and wrestler and a really good person. For just being a freshman he sees the big picture of the team and the sport and he gets that this is just the beginning and things he is gleaning from coaches, parents, teachers, teammates are all valuable. It is an honor to be his coach. He went to state last year, he wrestles up for us (wrestles in a higher weight class) all the time and he is an impressive team player.” — Tom Youngblom

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