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Leah Kehr | Senior | Ogilvie-Mora Swim Team

What sports or activities are you involved in?: I have been swimming for six years, currently I swim the 200 meter freestyle, the 500 meter freestyle, the 200 meter freestyle relay and the 400 meter freestyle relay. I attend Mora High School. I’m involved in theater, fall play, one act play, spring musical, school art competition and Minnesota Honor Society.

Favorite thing about sports: Definitely the team, I have always loved swimming, but the team is what gets me through my races and practices by cheering me on and overall support.

Person who has influenced you: Olivia Hudoba, she is a teammate and has a good attitude and always works hard, she helps me not give up on myself, to do my best and shows that hard work pays off.

How do you prepare for a meet?: I try to distract myself so I don’t get nervous, I talk with teammates, cheer on others, then I don’t get so nervous.

Highlight of athletic career: Winning the Soderlind invitational two years ago, it was a proud moment for the whole team.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to come out for swimming and diving?: I think they should do it. It is totally worth the hard work because of the positive environment and team and it is a great workout.

Future goals: Go to college to become a graphic designer. 

From the Coach: “I would like to nominate Leah Kehr. Leah has been a great leader to her teammates. She has continued to push herself each day during practice and continues to remain positive. She offers advice, cheers loudly for everyone and steadily is dropping time herself. Leah does all of this while participating in the school play and school work. Leah continues to show the girls that working hard and keeping positive pays off in the end.” -Sara Miller

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