Favorite thing about sports: I think it helps build up self esteem, it helps your mental state and I like the interaction with other people.

What sports or activities are you involved in?: I have played tennis for four years am currently playing doubles. I am in track in the spring, band and traveled with a youth group on mission trips with Calvary Lutheran Church.

Person who has influenced you: Ada Krueger, she was my doubles partner last year and she is a super good friend, easy to get along with and even when you are feeling down or having a bad day she helps pump you up and makes you smile.

How do you prepare for a game?: I stretch right before, have an easy practice and strategize my game, mentally prepare by knowing they will be harder to play against.

Highlight of athletic career: I have won nine games and only lost three so far this year, and our team placed first in the Aitkin tournament Friday, Aug. 23.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to come out and play tennis?: Go for it, try it out, see if you like it, remember that even if you are not the best hitter right away, keep going, you will get better.

Future goals: As a senior next year I hope to be at my peak performance and hope to break the school record for pole vault. I would like to go to college to become a pharmacist.

From the Coach: “For girl’s tennis, an athlete that stands out to me is Emma Folkema. She works incredibly hard each day in practice and never gives up on a point during a match. She’s very competitive and sets a great example for younger athletes on our team.” -Head Coach Mara Sjodin

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