Athlete of the Week: Cooper Lennox, Mora Nordic Skiing

This senior and captain races normal high school Nordic ski races, 5K and various others. Lennox has recently returned from the U.S. nationals that were held in Hougton, Michigan. He spent a week there with all the top skiers in the U.S. participating in three races and came home with an eighth place finish in the 10K skate ski race in the under 18 division.

Favorite thing about sports: Getting to p push myself and spending time with my peers and teammates.

What other sports or activities are you involved in? I am in cross country running and track and field and I also ski in the Junior National qualifier races, it is a 10K race and takes place all over the Midwest.

Person who has influenced you: My dad because he has always pushed me to do the best I can in sports and life.

How do you prepare for a race? I go to Subway and get a sandwich, go to school for a couple hours, get on the bus and relax, try not to worry about the race and talk with teammates.

Highlight of athletic career: In 2018 I had an All- American finish at nationals for skiing at Soldier Hallow, Utah.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to come out to ski? Do whatever makes you happy.

Future goals: I am going to Northern Michigan University for skiing and to study something yet to be determined. 

From the Coach Peter Larsen: Coop has been not just a really fast skier but an active leader as captain this year. He is a great role model for younger skiers. He takes them under his wing and shows them what it is like to be part of a good team.

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