Sage Lukenbill | Sophomore | Mora Volleyball

What sports or activities are you involved in?: I have been playing volleyball for six years and I play middle hitter. I run track in the spring and I am in band and choir.

Favorite thing about sports: I love being part of a team, being able to compete against others, I feel like it teaches me a lot like how to work hard.

Person who has influenced you: My older sister Molly, she taught me to work hard and to be a better player and leadership skills.

How do you prepare for a match?: I listen to music before every game and in the locker room we all dance to get pumped up. 

Highlight of athletic career: Having 15 kills against Moose Lake last Thurs

day, Sept. 12.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to come out and play volleyball?:I would really encourage it. It is a fun sport and being on a team is an amazing experience, it’s like having a second family and it’s super super fun.

Future goals: I want to go to college for elementary education and play volleyball in college.

From the Coach: “Sage has become a force in the front row. At the middle hitter position, she is leading the team with 70 kills and a kill percentage over 30%. She is also a consistent back row player, having the top serve receive average and being second in total digs with 68. Sage has a great work ethic and competitive edge. She pushes herself hard at practice to execute at a higher level during games. She gets stronger at her position and more skilled each week.” -Lisa Gustafson

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