On Monday, Sept. 21, the Minnesota State High School League re-instated football and volleyball for this fall. Back in late July it had been decided that football and volleyball would be moved to a March to May season bumping spring sports back to a later start. This decision has area coaches gearing up for a season sooner than anticipated. 

Football and volleyball programs in Mora and Ogilvie had been taking part in “off-season” workouts this fall. Both sports officially started practice on Sept. 28. Volleyball can start competing on Oct. 8 with an 11-week season and 14 dual competitions. Football games can start Oct. 9. A six-game regular season followed by a two-week postseason will occur.  

Head Mustang coach Troy Erickson said on the reinstatement, “As a football coach I am happy with the decision. I just didn’t see this happening in the spring. There is a risk of having the season this fall due to the rising COVID-19 cases. This could get taken away if we’re not careful.”   

Head football coach at Ogilvie, Dave Halvorson said, “It will be good to have football. Weather will become a factor as we play games into November. There are still many factors to consider as we practice and begin the season late. Smaller schools may have problems with practice and games during cold, wet and possibly snowy weather in November.  

Lisa Gustafson, head volleyball coach in Mora said, “There are a lot of mixed feelings about starting volleyball right now. On one hand we’re excited to get to play, on the other hand we’re wondering if spring would have given us a better chance of a full season with parents and fans in the stands. With COVID-19 cases increasing we are concerned, but we will take all the necessary precautions and hope we can get as many games in as possible.”

How the postseason will look for football and volleyball is still to be decided. With current COVID-19 guidelines volleyball will not be allowed to have fans and football can have a maximum of 250 fans.  


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