The 40th Annual Mora Bike Tour will hit the streets Saturday, Sept. 19, starting and finishing at the Vasaloppet Nordic Ski Center. 

There will be no in-person registration inside the Nordic Center as in past years. For more information or to register, visit

The Mora Bike Tour offers two course lengths: a 25-mile and 50-mile course. The 50-mile tour qualifies for the Mora Classic Series and the 25-mile distance qualifies for the Motion Series. As usual, this event is a tour, not a race, therefore the event is not timed and there is no mass start. To help protect riders, the rolling start is from 8--8:30 a.m. Once riders have checked in and parked, they may unload their bikes and begin the tour.

The Tour start/finish is at the Vasaloppet Nordic Ski Center, 400 N 9th St, Mora, 55051.

Motorists are reminded to be respectful when sharing the road with bikers. Dog owners with homes along the bike route are also encouraged to be courteous to bikers and keep dogs penned.

COVID-19 Precautions

Because of COVID-19, the Nordic Center facilities will be closed for the Tour. Portable toilets will be available outside the Nordic Center. Since droplets containing coronavirus can remain suspended in the air, event organizers urge participants to wear a mask inside portable toilets.

Riders are asked to wear a mask and practice social distancing when not biking. That means wearing them when near other bikers and volunteers at the start/finish, at water stops and when using portable toilet facilities. When biking, stay 6 feet from other bikers that are not part of your family or your biking companion.

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