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An artificial turf football field would include advertising space for major donors. 


After the Mora High School referendum passed last May, planning has been taking place for the new building. Outdoor facility planning is also taking place as fields will be lost due to the building and new ones will be built to replace those. One of the programs affected will be Mora football.

Bergloff-Deis Field at the high school will remain the home of the Mustangs through the 2022 season. In 2023, the football field currently at the elementary school will become the new home of Mustang football. Many upgrades will need to take place to make it a varsity caliber facility. One of those upgrades is going could be artificial turf on the field.  

Head football coach, Troy Erickson, is leading a group for the Bergloff-Deis new field project. The goal of the project is to raise $400,000 towards putting artificial turf on the field at the elementary.  

On the project Erickson said, “Keeping the current field and track where it is now will save about $800,000 that would have been needed to build a new grass field and track. So, that money will go towards artificial turf for the field. The cost of turfing a football field is 1.2 million dollars. We will raise the additional $400,000 needed to complete the project.”  

A campaign to attain donors has now started. The four corners of the football field will be used as advertisement space for the major donors. There will be a donor wall that will be visible as soon as visitors enter the facility with recognition for other donors.  

An artificial turf field is cost effective as one less field would need to be built. This is due to the fact that the team can practice on its game field without the worry about tearing it up like a grass field. Time and money will be saved as it will not have to be mowed, irrigated, fertilized, rolled, over seeded and constantly repainted.  

An artificial turf field could benefit multiple programs. 

The physical education department along with baseball, softball, band and golf can use the field to practice on earlier than they may normally be able to and without the worry of damaging the turf like a grass field.  

Studies have also shown that artificial turf is safer than its grass counterpart with fewer concussions, fewer ACL injuries and less time lost due to long- and short-term injuries.  

Coach Erickson said, “Anything we raise over the $400,000 amount will go towards the stadium. Bleachers, press box, scoreboard, etc. will be needed.” The current football field just got new lights a few years ago. Those lights will be moved to the new field.  

“We are looking forward to seeing this project take place. It will not only be a boost for our football program, but to the school and community as a whole,” said Erickson. 

Anyone interested in donating can contact Coach Erickson

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